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Become a good Matlab Programmer

By the end of the course, you are able to formulate intermediate and some advanced engineering projects into Matlab and solve them using programming skills.

Learn web development in an immersive environment

Learn From Experts

You are fully able to solve any engineering and technical project offered at University or College.

Learn on real-world coding skills

Gain Hands-On Experience

Develop hard skills like Image Processing, Solve Scientific Problems and modeling techniques while creating your own data projects and applications.

Find a job with the help of our career coaches

Get Hired

Take advantage of the growing demand for data and use the guidance and resources of our in-house career coaches to help you find work.


Our Immersive students graduate ready to pursue careers in many different areas of the data profession-including data analysis, business intelligence, and data science.

We connect each of our Immersive graduates to a career coach, job-readiness training, employers and professionals, and new opportunities to hone skills.

Job & Career Coaching

Optimize your resume with support from an in- house career coach. Train for technical interviews and salary negotiations.

Connections to Resources

Visit local companies and organizations that focus heavily on data.

Participate in expert panel discussions.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with our global network of companies.

Showcase your work at Meet & Hires and other events.

Student Life

Through presentations, discussions, and interactive lessons, we break up our daily schedule to give you a rounded understanding of the field.


Introduction to Matlab

Learn key skills and methods through lectures, discussions, and activities.

Daily review and code exercises that reinforce concepts and skills.


Review Session

Review morning lessons and labs. (optional)

Review morning lessons and labs.


Data Labs

Apply Regression Analysis

Practice new skills, work on group projects, and receive extra help from instructors.

Practice new skills, work on labs solo or in groups, and receive further instruction on key topics for the day.


Daily Wrap-up

Reinforce the key concepts of the day.

Reinforce the key concepts of the day.



Grow your network with meetups, happy hours, and community-wide hackathons. (optional)

Grow your network with meetups, happy hours, and community-wide hackathons. (optional)